April 2022

Our new paper on Aerobic Photobiocatalysis by Core–Shell Nanophotoreactors and Native Enzymes is out in JACS

July 2021

Check out our recent review on classical polymer photocatalysts in ACS Catalysis

New Joint Paper on Nanographene-Based Two-Dimensional COF

March 2021

Check out our new joint paper on Nanographene-Based Two-Dimensional COF with Müllen, Wang and Narita groups in Angewandte Chemie

March 2021

Check out our recent review on how to design CTFs for photocatalysis in Chemistry of Materials

July 2020

Check out our recent paper on how to make covalent triazine framework nanoparticles in Angwwandte Chemie

October 2020

Check out our recent review on CMPs for photocatalysis published in Solar RRL

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What We Do

Polymer Photocatalysts

We design polymer photocatalysts for visible light photoredox reactions.

Porous Materials

We develop different strategies to introduce porosity, defined morphology, and specific functional groups into polymer materials for targeted applications.

Novel Reaction Discovery

Our goal is to identify new photocatalyzable reactions from the scope of organic redox reactions.


The application of our photocatalysts is versatile: fine chemistry, artificial photosynthesis, CO2 Reduction, water treatment, synthetic biology …